Why Cannabinoids

Consistent, Fully-Tested

Pharmaceutical researchers are always looking for effective new medicines with a sterling safety record. Cannabinoid molecules have been used by millions of people for hundreds of years, throughout the world. The compounds are so safe, they have been self administered by people despite significant differences in crop availability and product strength.  These videos give an approximation of the unique molecule administration found in our test products. 

Our challenge is to make a reliable, consistent, fully tested and regulatory compliant dosage form that can be approved by regulatory authorities through the world, and recommended for medical use by physicians to their patients. These videos give some insight into the unique properties of our clinical trials test materials.

Simulated rapid tablet disintegration in a person’s mouth is shown here. Use of tablets allows any person [or animal] easy to use, standard dosage in a form convenient to carry, utilize, and be shelf-stable. This route of administration eliminates smoking or vaping the cannabinoids, also eliminating undesired aromas and odors.

This artist’s rendering of molecules in a liquid substrate is meant to show fluid motion as the water-solubilized cannabinoid molecules transport through saliva in a person’s mouth.

This side view of the oral mucosal tissue layers demonstrates that it is very thin, which facilitates rapid transit of cannabinoid molecules through these skin layers.

The cannabinoid molecules, having rapidly reached the blood system, are now ready for complete active transport throughout the body. This is how sublingual tablets achieve their effects 45 to 60 minutes faster than ingested products that traverse the GI system, and then undergo first pass metabolism through the liver. Here we see cannabinoid molecules being carried in the blood stream, moving rapidly everywhere in the body.

This artist rendering shows endogenous cannabinoid molecules interacting at neurons. Exogenous cannabinoid molecules are similarly recognized due to their identical structural conformation.