R & D Overview

Discovering Medicines with Insight, Developing Medicines with Compassion

Pure Green Pharmaceuticals has assembled an industry-leading formulation library. Powered by our decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, we have discovered, optimized and developed candidate cannabis formulations, specifically targeted toward significant worldwide illnesses of people and animals. This resource maximizes identified starting points against a wide variety of targets. Optimized drug candidates are then tested in a pilot clinical trial. Only formulations that meet rigorous standards of activity and safety are advanced into the FDA clinical trials path.

Our approach to discovery research begins by mining the latest advances in cannabis science—the processes by which cannabis interacts with normal and abnormal cellular physiology. This allows us to assemble portfolios of targets—the input to our drug discovery platform. The successful pilot clinical trial formulations are the output from our drug discovery platform. 

Inspired by Science, Compelled by Data

20 mg. CBD Water Soluble Sublingual Tablet Clinical Results in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy patients,[n = 32] [t = 21 days].  
Patient Cohorts Compared: No Concomitant Meds vs. Patients On Rx Concomitant Medications 

Our rational drug development process matches the features of our cannabinoid molecular candidates to specific disease characteristics. This involves the testing of specific cannabinoid combinations to demonstrate molecular synergy; this is called the Entourage Effect. We collect clinical data on primary and secondary endpoints, run statistical analyses and then determine if the therapeutic drug should be reformulated or pushed to the second phase of our drug development program. That second phase entails meeting collaboratively with the Food and Drug Administration to develop a drug development plan designed to meet regulatory requirements towards FDA approval. We then submit an Investigational New Drug Application to the FDA in order to run Phase II clinical trials.