A Trusted Leader in the Field of Pain relief Therapeutics

Our success in advancing clinical programs and establishing commercial products is fueled by our team’s unwavering belief in the medical science behind our molecules. The remarkable efficacy/safety profile of the active drug ingredients is further leveraged by our water solubilized technology, which is further advantaged by clinically observable rapid sublingual bioabsorption. 

Our medicines are the focus of a robust clinical trials program that has been vetted by FDA; this program includes decentralized clinical studies utilizing SMART clinically advantaged personalized medicine apps targeted for specific therapeutic indications.

Partnering with Physicians to Put Patients First

Our commitment to utilizing the best science to develop effective treatment regimens for patients is the driving force behind Pure Green’s equation for success. We maximize drug development value through fast-to-succeed clinical trials. Our patient-centric clinical trials develop real world medical information, actionable by physicians and patients. We know diabetic neuropathy and osteoarthritis patients experience significant pain throughout their days and nights and we have designed our clinical programs to acquire detailed information as each patient reports their experiences with our clinical tablets, in real time on their SMART phones.