Clinical Trials

Focused Clinical Trials

Pure Green Pharmaceuticals fast-to-succeed clinical trials are successful because of our people and our process.  

First, our IRB-approved phase II clinical trials are decentralized which allows patients to participate from their homes. It also allows many more minority patients access to this cutting edge medication; including women and other genders, people of color, and elderly patients. Our in-house clinical operations group leverages the best medical software to electronically find and enter patients into the clinical trial. All documents are maintained electronically securely, even laboratory data is instantly synched with electronic clinical patient diaries directly from a patients’ cell phone. 

Second, our people, led by Dr. Deb Kimless are simply the best. Compassionate, experienced and smart certainly, but they go above and beyond the everyday issues of working with multiple patients to keep each patient informed, comfortable with their progress in the clinical trials, and are scrupulously accurate in all reports.